What do people think while they are doing things?

what do people think when they do things, such as dancing, getting changed and even going on the computer. most times, I think people dont think. what do you think?

Answer #1

well yeah, but what to they think when they think. p.s. sorry if this confuses you.

Answer #2

I think about what I’m doing, if I have to, but if not, then I just think about what I was thinking about before I started doing the thing I was doing.

Answer #3

I lied when I said this question contradicts itself- It is just very confusing is all. I am VERY easily confused. Ok, I think that they think when they are doing something that doesn’t involve thinking, they think about maybe WHY they are doing that task, or maybe of other matters (social life, school/job life- maybe even why the universe is here? Hey, some people are that deep, even when they are ironing) They think about things that are issues to them. They could be thinking about anything, they have a right to think about anything… Haha, I’m good at confusing people too… I just looked back over my answers and confused myself. I think that MIGHT make sense to you, you know how my mind works… basically. Hehe. Britz

Answer #4

yeh how will they walk down the stairs if there computer is down there or something like that?

Answer #5

That question contradicts itself, though that might be your point, knowing your mind. Hehe, I think that everyone thinks when doing things, unless they are robots. Even if it is only subconciously. Britz

Answer #6

I mean, do they just go blank

Answer #7

Hello I think they think, well at least some do. Most time it curosity and peer pressure.

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