candidates running for pres who do you think should win?

Just wondering what you think about the candidates running for pres! Who do you think shudd win? I’m rooting for Obama!

Answer #1

Re: Obama, Color is irrelevant! It is what he stands for is the issue. Read the book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul D. Alinsky. This is Obama’s handbook. We do not want more government in our livingroom. I have worked hard for the little money that I have earned. I like to be able to choose the charities which I can donate. Not be strong armed by the government.

Answer #2

I think MCaine should win. He has core values, beliefs, and morals. He shows patriotism. MCaine went through allot while he was in the Military. He’ll be getting my vote.

Answer #3

Obama, duh!

Lol, you shouldn’t vote for someone just because they served in a war. Your president now ‘served’ and look at him!!! It shouldn’t matter if they served in a war or not.

Answer #4

L0L I guess you have a point but idkk I like obama for sum reason he seems like a really good candidate but tew bad I cant vote I’m only 15 =( I tried getting mii mom tew vote for hym but she like McCain tew! Ughh L0L

Answer #5

And you guys think John McCain has character?

He makes jokes about starting a war with Iran, like when he sang “bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb Iran” to the beach boys barbara ann. Does that show character?

He cheated on his invalid fist wife with many women. Does that show character?

He even started seeing his second wife while still married to the first. Does that show character?

He called his current wife a c__t in public! Does that show character?

He surrounds himself with lobbiests and has a history of being involved in corruption. Remember the Keating five? Does that show character?

He sought out the endorsements of religious leaders who have made some of the most vile comments about catholics & nazis, 9/11, Katrina, and gays. And even when he was confronted with the comments, he stilll wouldn’t denounce them. It wasn’t until it became politically expedient did he reject the endorsements. If there had not been a public outcry against these despicable “men of god”, he would still gladly be accepting their endorsements. Does that show character?

He has made numerous flip-flops on positions just to get the nomination, like the Bush tax cuts, immigration reform, and campaign finance. The latter two actually having his name on the bills, that he now no longer supports. Does that show character?

He has engaged in personal attacks on Obama ad nauseum, including questioning his patriotism (which his campaign promised it wouldn’t do). Does that show character?

Please show me anything that Obama has done that comapres to this these examples of McCain’s lack of character?

Answer #6

McCain and not because I LOVE HIM BUT BECAUSE of his platform…he has served our country and should get a better nod…anyone who hasen’t served this country has no idea of what it’s all about…freedom that is… You can vote Obama but I really think there is more to him than we know…??? I don’t like his wife’s smile…she has the pants on in that family and that is scary …

Answer #7

L0L OBAMA !OBAMA! OBAMA! Whoop whoop! :) He rocks!!

Answer #8

I really don’t understand the “respect him because he served our country” argument. Simply serving in the armed forces doesn’t automatically mean you’re a good leader or even a respectable human being.

However, “I don’t like his wife’s smile” is a reason for not choosing a choosing a candidate I can fully respect.

Answer #9

Suggest you take a good look at Character, decision judgement, experience, abortion stance, etc. and make an informed decision.

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