How do parents feel when the child leaves the nest?

I know that parents miss their kids when they move out, but how exactly do you parents out there feel about kids moving out; do you feel sad or okay about it? I would like to here from parents with experience, but any of you feel free to answer. The only reason that I’m asking this is because of my mom; I want to know how she would feel?

Answer #1

It’s a defining moment when our children leave home. While we mourn the loss, because after all, it’s a massive change, we also celebrate that they have the independence and strength to move on. I think it can be easier if they’ve been partially gone (away at college, home on the weekends). Even that step can be tough for a parent. I’ve heard some parents say they can’t wait till their kids leave, and I’ve never understood that.

I cherish the times when everyone comes home and feasts on all the home cooking, and I don’t even mind if they dump their laundry here when they come back. I never thought I’d be like that.

Good luck with your mom. Parents have a way of coping with these things, it goes right back to that first shot the doc gives you as a baby, and that first day at kindergarten, right up to comforting you when your boyfriend broke up with you. It’s all part of the deal. Somehow we get through it!

Answer #2

I don’t know ,, mine probly jump and dance with joy

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