What do you class as being a good mum?

Being a good mum what do you class a good mum , I mean its confusing what I put but being a good mum means:

Answer #1

That’s easy thinking of your children before yourself!! Being a good listener and not being too judgmental!! Things are a little harder for this generation (socially I mean)

Answer #2

-a good mom puts her children before herself, while still taking care of herself.

-she pays attention to her kids.

-she encourages growth and learning.

-she kisses the boo boo and wipes the tear.

(these are just a few.)

Answer #3

being there for your child, taking good care of them, providing a safe and stable place for them to live…ect just being there…

Answer #4

umm well the mom is always there when her kids need her and puts her kids before herself and encourges them to do good in school and does litle things for them.for some reason litle thing make kids happy like buying them a cookie for no reason

Answer #5

her children will ALWAYS be before herself or others needs

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