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what do I do if I mite be prego?

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ok,so me and my boyfriend have had sex unprotecteted 3 times now but only for like 10 min and he didnt cum or anything I no I no we should have used a condom well about 3 or so monthes ago was the last time I had sex unprotected like a lil bit after my bday and im pretty sure he didnt cum inside but im nt certain he said he didnt and im scared that I may be pregnant because im exhibiting a lot of the symptoms I dont want to tell my parents cause then they will freak because this has happend in the past and I cant go to a clinic because then my mom will find out either way if she takes me what im going their for and I dont have a car but what confuses me is kuz I have the mirena but I also do eat a lot im nt fat bt im getting a little belly if I dont try and hide it and since I have the mirena I dont have periods w blood just bad cramps bt I hear that sumtimes happens with pregnancy whats going on ?