What do i do if i cant decide if i want to break up with my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about a month now and everything has been great. I really believe that I love him. He makes me sooo happy. But recently he has been flirting with a ton of girls, mostly my friends, and trying to get them to have sex with him since I wont. Hes also a bad boy and gets drunk on the weekends. Theres one more thing, hes kind of a sex addict. I thought I loved him but I cant handle all the drama and stress that comes with dating him. Should I break up with him or stay with him since he makes me happy??

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well first of all is he is tryn to get wit your friends you should of already broken up wit him.yes he makes you happy bt you need beter then him. he is not helping you in your life he is just brining more problems to you.he will also make you loose your friends think about it.. go to a quite place and get a piece of paper draw a line in da middle on the top side write what good is he in your life on da bottom write what he has done wrong and then make your decition

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