What can I do to ask my ex boyfriend that I want to have sex with him?

My boyfriend and I broke up like a month ago.. we just started not talking to each other so for us it means its over. I admit that I miss him so much especially the times that we are so intimate with each other. We haven’t talked nor saw each other after the break up. And now, every time I feel horny and wants to have sex, I want to do it with him. But, how can I tell that to him? I don’t know what approach I can do.

Answer #1

is honesty the best policy…?

come round so I can screw your brains out, now!

some will like it and some wont… only you will know what he may or may not say ;)

just remember hes your ex, and an ex for a reason..

my advice is find someone else :)

Answer #2

you mean like out of the blue I’ll give him a call then tell him this? :) hmmm? I’m liking the idea but won’t he find me a slut for saying this?

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