I'm I crazy to want to be a diabetic?

I might be in danger of becoming a diabetic now. The doctors think its because my dad is a diabetic and hes had it for his whole life. so is it strange to want to be a diabetic? they say is isnt a sure thing yet but I should drink lots of waters and try to keep my diet normal and sugers level just in case I am becomming something as to the effect of a diabetic. what should I do? how can I make it better or worse?

Answer #1

Yes. You are crazy. NO!! You do not want to be diabetic. I’m diabetic and I have to stick my poor fingers before I eat. Even when I don’t eat. Every two hours. When I think I’, running low or running high. And most importantly, you have to have a strict diet. I should know. I’ve had it sice I was 5 and I’m turning 14 in 6 months. I still wish I’d known what it was and taken better care of myself.

Answer #2

why in the world would you want to be a diabetic?!?!?! would you want to have to stick your finger at least 4 times a day to check your sugar before meals? would you want to have to inject yourself with insulin when your sugar is to high? would you want to eventually to into renal failure and be on dialysis for the rest of your life? Or you could go blind very very easily…or you know just cut off your feet or even legs for that matter and see if you want to b diabetic then!

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