What do almost all different faiths have in common?

I think it is the belief that they are the one true religion and that they have god on their side, especially during conflict. What do you believe?

Answer #1

Haha cartoon is funny, I don’t agree fully however. I think all faiths have belief in common. Everyone even atheist need to believe in something even if it is just themselves. In tough times we all turn to the thing we believe in, so maybe that is why we believe that our religion is the only one above all else.

Answer #2

I hoped that people would look at the cartoon to the right of the question.

Answer #3

What all religions have in common? Belief in something without proof or evidence of its veracity.

Answer #4

They almost all think they’re right… and cannot prove it…

Answer #5

I don’t believe in any God at all. I find that its not necessary. I also think a 1 true religion is extremely narrow minded.

Answer #6

They recognize an authority outside of and greater than themselves.

Answer #7

I think it is the fact that they all believe in something apart from themselves… whether it is a stone statute, or a tree or a cow.

Christianity believes in the One true and living God, that created all of the above.

Answer #8

The vast majority of religions use symbolism. This is interesting to me, because religion relies on supernatural concepts. Yet, there is universal acknowledgment among religions that symbols are needed in order to convince people to believe in these concepts, I.e. what they cannot see, hear, or observe.

To me, this demonstrates that religion recognizes we exist within the natural world, and without use of symbolism, people won’t come around to their way of thinking.

There is also a lot of research about how spirituality and religion are the results of our biological and social evolution.

Answer #9

Not all religions believe in an “authority” as such… But I think they do all believe they think they are right…

I believe in a non-interfering God. I also realize that my beliefs are based on nothing and I am more likely than not wrong. But I reserve the right to believe in whatever I want.

Answer #10

in every religion, the followers try to better themselves by following a set of guidelines or rules

Answer #11

Lots of people have studied the similarities and differences in religions. Joseph Campbell wrote several books on the subject and if you are too lazy to read he is in a number of videos on the subject.

During the American civil war both the North and the South believed that they were right and God was on their side. In both World Wars Christians on both sides prayed to the same God for victory.

The idea that religions are exclusive isn’t universal. I read that in China that many parents would raise their kids first as Confuciastists believing that for young children the rigid rules of this worldview taught discipline, good behavior, and structure. When they understood this and grew older they were taught Taosim to expand their worldview and allow for more inspiration and creativity. In classical religions everyone worshiped the main gods like Zeus, Isis, etc. but often people worshiped patron gods of their city or gods for specific trades. Nobody saw this as a conflict.

In Christianity there is the commandment to have no gods before God. Jews and Christians are not allowed to worship other gods.

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Answer #13

it seems to me that every religion I’ve stuided [[including my own]] has a god or gods/goddesses that you respect,honor and pay homage to.they also [[excluding a few]] all seem to have their own form of the apocalypse.and a few have similarities in the reincarnation feild.

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