What did I do wrong? or is it my friend's fault?

so, there was this guy. (yeah, it’s one of THOSE stories). anyway, he was so nice and funny, tall too, and the two of us seemed to get along pretty well. we had almost all of our classes with each other, so we got to know a lot about the other. we were friends, but of course, I started to fall for him. this didn’t happen very fast; I’m not one to rush things. but over time I began to like him more and more. I then found out that my best friend was crazy about him too. I felt really guilty. she gave him notes, telling him how she felt. and he completely rejected her. I felt bad, but she was a complete drama queen, and I cant blame him. anyway, she forced me into telling her about my more-than-a-crush. she seemed to be ok with it. I calm down for a bit. then she gives him a note on the day before the last day of school. it says that I’m a coward and won’t ask him out. I was sort of upset, seeing that I wasn’t sure how strongly he felt the about me yet. but the next day, he seemed fine. back to his flirty self. then the summer went by. and when we got back (the friend and I had a big fight and weren’t friends anymore) he never talked to me. ignored me. insulted me when we had to work together in algebra. what’s wrong with me? I know I’m not too pretty, but he did seem like he liked me back. (to top it off, my new best friend liked him, and then he broke her heart and I had to spend all my time making her feel better when I cried myself to sleep. she hasn’t a clue about that though)

Answer #1

maybe he tought you was playing with his feelings because your friends were asking him out

Answer #2

Guys like this think they can get away with ruining a friendship, and think it is funny. To me it seems like he was playing you and your friend against eachother. You and your friend both liked him, and I have a feeling he knew that, and used that against you two.

He isnt a guy you want to spend your time on, or even worry about. Try to fix things with your friend, and show this guy that you can play his game better than he can.

Dont worry about him, and just find another guy that you yourself likes not your friend too, and build up on that.

See where it leads, and see how better off you are.

Guys that bring drama are no good, soon you will learn.

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