What could be causing this?

My period is late…very late. The last period I had started on 12/30/2009. It is not February 10th and I still have not had my periord. I am not on birth control, (I stopped taking birth control in early November 2009) as my husband and I would like to have a baby. I have take 2 pregnancy tests. I took both tests the 1st week of February(I took the tests 3 days apart). Both of the tests were negative. I am not really having any pregnancy symptoms (I guess the only one I do have is being extremely tired). I have NEVER missed a period in my life, and my periods are regular. Should I take another home pregnancy test before I go to the doctor? If I’m not pregnant, then what the heck is wrong with me?

Answer #1

Maybe you’re stressed out lately? Sometimes stress can cause irregular periods or maybe you are pregnant. Wait a few more days or a week and if your period still hasn’t come then take another test or go to the doctor

Answer #2

I am not underweight or anorexic- just normal weight.

And I am a healthy person…

Answer #3

you maybe anemic?? low on iron…or severely underweight…anorexic?? all these can cause absent periods…

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