What colors go great with blond hair and brown eyes?

Im a tired of geting up sp early to see what colors go with my hair and eyes by the time I think I found some its time to get on the bus

Answer #1

Haha well I have blonde hair and brown eyes as well. I think that the colors that match the most are greens, more of a darker shade, and light pinks and well as brown. By the way, why does your outfit have to match your hair and eye colors?

Answer #2

I think warm colors such brown, black, dark yellow, mustard…etc…will go great with your eyes and your hair color.

You should try it, and see if it works.


Answer #3

I Think A Smokey Blue Eyeshadow And Mascara Would Look Lovely. Go To Youtube If Your Confused On How To Do The Smokey Eyes Or What That Is. Covergirl Has This New Smokey Eye Stick.. I Don’t Own Haha But I’ll et You Know When I Do. For Your Hair I’d en It Or Curl It Add A little lip gloss with a cute outfit and you look fabulous!!

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