HeLp With Hair Color, Or wanting to go blonde..please help?

I have dark brown hair naturally, but now its like a light brown . I was just wondering if dyed it a dirty blonde would it come out right if it was the professional dye at sally’s? I got my hair dyed professionally blonde in DEC and it wasn’t the blonde I wanted. is was like a strawberry blonde more then a dirty blonde. I want to do it at home because its cheaper I don’t have $150 to go to the salon. If so what’s the best dye to use, the blonde I want is from miss Clairol, but I don’t know exactly what I need ,I know I need a developer, but that’s all I know so I anyone knows about this hair coloring stuff please help me!

this is the blonde color I want do you think it would work out on light brown hair?? link::

Answer #1

developer IS basically all you need besides the actual dye. how much developer you need to use depends on what dye you buy from sallys. if you ask the workers for help they’ll definitely tell you what you should use, and how to use it.

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