What color eyeshadow/mascara/eyeliner will make my eyes pop?

I have a very weird eye color it’s like a blueish greyish greenish with gold around the pupil… very odd I know and when I follow blue or green eye makeup tips they don’t really make my eyes pop.

Answer #1

black eyeliner and

brown eyeshadow shades (neutrals) if you want more blue eyes purple, red, and blues make green eyes stand out, if you want more green eyes!:D

Black mascara (I have blue grey eyes, and I use covergirls exact eyelights mascara for blue eyes, it really works!) Whatever color you want more to show in your eyes get, like if you want your eyes more blue, get the one for blue eyes, if you want more green eyes get the green :)

hope I helped! g’luck!

Answer #2

I would do neutral colors with black eyeliner, but if you want to do something a little more crazier do orange eyeshadow, it looks fabulous wth blue eyes!!

Answer #3

I would say black eye liner and mascara. And maybe a white or a lavender eye shadow.

Answer #4

black eyeliner

Answer #5

You could try white eyeliner/eye shadow, I dont know about the masscara

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