what colors of eye- makeup will make them pop out?

My eyes are a greenish brown color, what colors of eye- makeup will make them pop out?

Answer #1

well actually these days people of all eye color use light/dark grey to make their eyes stand out. Try it. I have green eyes too and I sometimes only use eyeliner to make it look brighter and stand out.

Answer #2

Purples, Gold’s, Browns. Those are the best colors to make green eyes pop out. Stay away from greens, blues, and pinks.

Answer #3

GOLD definelty makes them pop . Try using a dark gold and maybe a light gold on the top ( like a bit below the brow line)

Answer #4

Plum would be great or a sage color with a darker color on the outer edge of your eyes.

Answer #5

any mardi gras colors will do. dont try anything dark like mascara. try lighter tones

Answer #6

I would say a light purple maybe?

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