Can Stride be sued for lying that their gum lasts long?

stride just tastes awesome is the company allowed to lie like that? will they get sued? if so they can burn in hell waste of my $1.29 (included tax)

Answer #1


Answer #2

yes you can

Answer #3

They can’t get sued for saying that. The only reason they even say it is to get you to buy their gum. And you bought it.

But if you’re not satisfied with it, don’t buy it again.

Try Trident. It’s pretty long lasting. I like the Blueberry Twist (purple pack), and Watermelon Twist (green pack).

Answer #4

no they wont get sued, saying it’s rediculously long lasting, got you to buy it. MIssion accomplished.

Answer #5

its just a commercial, anything can be made into a commercial!

Answer #6

Nope, they can’t get sued. “Long lasting” is subjective. What is long to one person may not be long to another. They are covered. :)

Answer #7

haha, well I like the orange trident gum. it lasted about 2 periods of school.

Answer #8

I think stride tastes too sugary

Answer #9

Trident you say?

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