What do you think is causing the dolphin population in British Columbia to move inshore?

The dolphins used to be plentiful offshore, deeper into the Northern Pacific, but in the last 30 or so years, more and more dolphins have been seen up close to the BC shores. Is it a lack of food source, or maybe the effects of global warming that are causing this?

Answer #1

Definatly makes me wonder if there was a temperature change other than what they were used to or lack of food driving them closer to the shore. Are there scientist looking into this? Its definatly something that needs to be looked into if the dolphins are relocating to another part of the ocean.

Answer #2

I’d say it’s global warming. El Nino will disrupt their food chain and the water is forever getting warmer due to Underwater volcanoes and Global Warming. El Nino happens more than La Nina so I guess the water is more El Nino than La Nina. Of course it could be the lack of food sources- nobody obeys the boundaries these days on catching fish. Also acid rain is causing more and more eutrophication (I don’t know if I spelled that right) throughout the oceans of the world.

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