What can me and my boyfriend do to stop all the fighting?

Me and my boyfriend have decided long ago to wait until marriage for sex. Thing is, its me that doesnt want to have sex yet, he doesnt want to at all but he is willing. Even though he is alright with it, or says he is, we still fight about it all the time. He asks me things like whats the point? or constatnly tells me “I want now” the fights have no been so bad last year, but now, its several times a week, and bigfights. What can we do to stop these fights? I love him and I know he loves me, but this is killing me.

Answer #1

No, I wasnt planning on having sex with him, I ust wanted to find a solution to all the figting, Im waiting no matter waht.

Answer #2

I agree with these two. Sex really will change your relationship, but if he is that uptight about wanting to have sex with you, you have to wonder if he will just leave after y’all do have sex. Sit him down and talk to him about it and remind him that y’all decided to wait, and you are not going to give in to that. I personally do recommend waiting. My husband and I waited until we were engaged and already had our wedding planned out…until we knew for a fact that we were going to get married and stay together. I do not regret that at all. If he is pushing you into having sex, then he is just wanting to get some…doesn’t really care about your feelings about it at all. Tell him if he really loves you, he will drop it and quit trying to pressure you into it…

Answer #3

yea..u shouldnt have sex with him if he is actn like that…but maybe the reason why you’ll are fighting is because ya’ll not havn sex..sex is a big part of the relationship just like trust and love…

Answer #4

I recommend you don’t have sex with him just to make the fighting stop. Sex is a big thing. You should explain to him why you want to wait, and if he doesn’t respect that then he doesn’t deserve you. Good Luck!

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