If you and your boyfriend fight all the time?

If you and your boyfriend fight all the time and he is more interested in other females and every time you bring it up and he gets mad does that mean he has moved on? Because me and my boyfriend made a deal for him to have sex with one more female and now he is so interested in her and if I didn’t let him do it we would have to break up [pinky promise] and so I allowed it and ugh now he calls her and has hour converastions and fights with me every time I say I’ma whoop her a he says it is childish and I need to grow up . Does this mean he still loves me ? Every time I cry or something he is the first to say stop cryin suck it up. I don’t give a fk… I’m hurtin so much but don’t want to let go…

Answer #1

whoa whoa whoa…hold on…

you’ve agreed to let your boyfriend sleep with another girl? why? sweetie, we have got to talk about you first, not your guy.

okay…listen, you first have to ask yourself why you agreed to this. do you not wantto have sex with your guy? is there a reason for it? was he pressuring you into having sex and you declined? what happened?

the “swinger” life style is generally something mature, committed adults do, and have pre arranged agreements before they get into it. you however seem a bit younger. look…have some respect for yourself…

if you’re in a “relationship’ with a guy, you should never have to play second fiddle to someone else in his eyes…

right now I would say the best thing to do in all seriousness, is to break up now and move on…find a guy who loves you enough to NOT WANT TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER GIRL.

your guy is trying to have his cake and eat it too…and that is just not right. cut the ties now and move on, for your own good.

Answer #2

I think he has moved on but it woud have been nice for him to tell you and I think it was nice of you to say he coud have sex with one other female but he shoud still treat you the same as he did befor or I dont think he worth it you were nice enough to let him do that so he shoud be nice enough to tell you if hes moved on or not just stay a way from him for a wile and if he calls or texts or cames and talks to you then thers a good chance he still loves you

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