What can I feed a 4 month old?

He’s very constipated.. Any advice on what what I can feed him or do to loosen his bowels?

Answer #1

Well my lil sista is 1 now but when she got constipated we gave her plum smart it works gud

Answer #2

My son went through the same thing when he was that age. You can give him about 3 or 4 oz. of a mixture of warm water and about 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Brown sugar is less addicting than white sugar and it works. Give it to him 2 to three times a day until he has a stool. Then continue once or twice a day to keep him going regular. You can also use an over the counter baby laxative. just use very sparingly, and only 1/3 of the lowest suggested dosage for the youngest age limit .You can do this first to get a good 1st stool to ease the constipation, then go to the brown sugar water to keep the regularity. You may also want to ask you doctor if it may the the formula he is on has to much iron in it. he may need to be switched to something with low iron.

Answer #3

I just give my son some prunes or apple jiuce and water mixture. talk to the doctor about changing the formula

Answer #4

thanks Ty…

Answer #5

Please consult a doctor.

Answer #6

If it isn’t all the time – If you give him a very very very small amount of maple syrup, it should help. And I do mean a very small amount. That is an old home remedy that I have found works. Every time I have seen or heard of someone giving it to their child it has cleaned them out. You don’t have to worry about ODing the child either. If you give them too much, the worst thing that will happen is they will have real loose bowels very very often that day. Like almost every diaper. But it will go back to normal and not be anything to worry about. If that happens, just give them some pedialite to make sure they stay hydrated.

If it is a constant problem – You can put apple juice in their formula (only an ounce or two), or if your doctor will allow it, you could start feeding the child apple sauce. I recently babysat for my friend every day, and had to do that for her child bc her bowels were constantly hard or she was just constipated.

Hope this helps…

Answer #7

congtaulations. My brother just had a baby boy and he is only 2mnths and he was very constipated this week. You can give them diluted baby prune juice.

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