What can I do to stop harrassment after a bankruptcy?

What can I do to stop harrassment after a bankruptcy has been filed and discharged?

Answer #1

I guess you are talking about stopping the calls from dept collectors?

Well I just about learned this in a First Time Home Buyer class I took (BTW if your area offers one I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE BUYING A HOME FOR THE FIRST TIME, OR EVEN SECOND).

But anyways, if you send them a letter saying something to the effect that you don’t plan on paying this dept in the near future please stop calling me, they have to stop. but THEY MUST RECEIVE SOMETHING IN WRITING!!!. And they can always ‘sell’ the dept to another company and that company can start calling you on it, and you have to send a letter to the knew company.

But it gets some of the pressure off you for a while.

Answer #2

My hubby went bankrupt a few years ago, so I know what you’re going through.

Most of those calls are set up as automated and it can take time for them to receive notice of bankruptcy from your agent. The best thing to do is, the next time they call, tell them you just filed for bankruptcy. That should force them to stop calling you.

Answer #3

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Answer #4

Just simply tell them that you just done filed for bankruptcy and so they can stop harrasing you.

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