What can I do to make my parents like my b/f?

Im 17 and my b/f is also 17 buh few months older than me… We have been together for 7 months now and his my first b/f I ever hd and loved..I have had many crushes but just didnt want to be in a relationship with them because I knew it wldnt get anywere.. But this one is different I truly love him even though you will think im still young to know what love means. The problem and question is I have told my parents that im with a guy (my mum was ova seas). My mum wasnt against it but my dad was (he ddnt tlk to me for few days) when my mum had came back frm holiday my dad had told her that im not aloud to see my b/f and she agreed with his decisions :( I still see my b/f but my parents dont know :p Thats because he sneaks into my house

We have planned to get maried already and might sound stupid to you but we believe we found the right partner for eachother.. His parents are happy with who he is with and his mum deeply loves me and has told everyone im her daughter in law soon :p What can I do or say to my parents for them to accept him?

We both are the same religion but different nationality…

Respect,honesty,trust = love

Please hi back with appropiate comments =) thankz

Answer #1

its race and its because they are over prtective… they havnt even asked me to introduce him to them :S idont know why??? hmmm thanks to you all if any more advice please let me know ;)

and to respond to theinjun use yerh you got me thinking about the last point you made thanks …

Answer #2

yeah why dont they like him?

if its just the whole ‘aah my little girl is growing up too fast blahh blahh’ thing then I don’t know what you can do about it :/ your 17 so when you are 18 you are legally an adult and your parents cant stop you. so maybe wait till 18 then move out and move in with your boyfriend or something.

Answer #3

why dont they like him?

Answer #4

You did not really explain why your parents will not let you date him. You just stated that they denied your relationship from the get go with no explanation involved. Is it a race thing or a protective thing?

I would not advise the whole sneaking into house thing. That could get really ugly and you would never earn the approval of your parents.

Answer #5

ummm…if you want your parents to like him, don’t be so fast with the relationship. That’s why they’re so protective. Most teenage marriages end in divorce. Look at the statistics online. You want their trust, don’t sneak around with your boyfriend. Parents figure everthing out eventually, it’s like a superpower. They’ll figure out soon and then say goodbye to any chance you had. I implore you to reconsider your love. So many people think they found it and then lose it. They all say the same thing. Think about if you were willing to live with him 24/7.

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