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What Can I Do?? Tired Of How I Feel

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Hi! I have been dealing with this for years. Am a 22years old guy and was kind of fat when younger, with time I lost a lot of weight but I couldn't lose my stomach fat. My arms don�¢??t have any strong muscles and my legs are kind of skinny. This has been a big problem for me because I don�¢??t like the way I look. It�¢??s not noticeable from the outside but every time someone touches me I get agitated because my body feels really soft especially my stomach, buttocks and arms. I deprive myself from having a serious girlfriend because am not comfortable with myself physically. I am tired of feeling the way I feel and I think it's time to make a change. I just want to build a muscular body, get rid of my stretch marks and my plan is to join a gym and start a work-out program but I need motivation and advice on how I can get started. Can all this happen in a few months or is it going to take a lot longer??? I really want to know what I can do. Thank you for your advice.