What can I do, my daughters first heart break?

My 14 year old daughter just had her first heart break. I feel awful seeing my baby girl this upset. I know its something she needs to experience but id really like to help ease some of the pain. Im a widowed father so no wife to help out. She has no aunts so really no females. Any ideas on something I can do to maybe make her feel a little better because its killing me to see my little girl like this. My daughter and I are very close so she told me everthing that happend. Lets just say after what he did I want to kill that boy! But im keep restraining myself from doing anything rash. Please help I really want to make my baby feel somewhat better any ideas?

Answer #1

Ok that’s very hard I’m 17 an I’ve had my heart broken by the same guy for 5 years I stay locked in my room for a yr crying an so depressed what she needs is alone time an sometime with her bestfriends an time with you two but she really needs to b alone an to cry it’ll help forsure an she might get so depressed an get a little meAn if she’s like me

Answer #2

aw she’s so young, my first heart break was when I was 17 so I will share my healing process I guess lol

It took me a few months to get over my long time boyfriend and I think the truest form of healing is time. right now what you can do is maybe take her shopping, take her to see a movie, take her somewhere NEW. I think that’s key, wouldn’t want to bring her somewhere that reminds her of the jerk. BUT also material objects can really only bring temporary joy. try and take up a new hobby with her, guitar lessons?!? I play guitar and it brings me a lot of peace. if you’re religious, maybe go to church? I’m not very religious but I would go to my church to pray. she probably wants to isolate herself a lot and that’s OKAY and normal but I locked myself up in my house for months and I regret it, so encourage her to hang out with friends and try to meet new people. volunteer somewhere, it’s always a nice feeling when you’re helping someone who is less fortunate than you. just overall, be there for her no matter what.. it’s what I wish my dad did for me.

Answer #3

You are a fabulous dad!

Ummm… I wouldnt go around the house saying things like ‘oh boys are stupid..’ etc to try and make her feel better; because it wont lol.

But yeah take her out to the movies and shopping it dosent have to cost heaps, but have fun!!

Answer #4

Aww im glad your concerened,an you seem like a good father. take her out..show her thiers more to life than boys.. have a father daughter day. go camping for the weekend,or do what you guys like to do.

allow the boy,reasurre her you love her like you do,but there will be more boys.. have you had “the talk” with her yet.

its christmas soon,so festive seasons lots of places to go.

Answer #5

Well keep reminding her it will get better and you could arrange a shopping trip for her and her friends and give her some money. Or take her for a meal out. (:

Answer #6

Aww… I wish my dad was like that. I juat had my hart broken too I’m almost going to be 14 but I guess wht helps me is getting my mind of things and just looking at the great things of life, also talking to somebody and just knowign somebody is there for you. Good luck!!:)

Answer #7

I would take her out shopping,or to a movie. Then I would go get icecream. But some father and daughter bonding would be great too. And just let her know that your you always there. And you love her more then any boy will ever. and boys come and go.

Answer #8

ice creamm. or you could let her take a friend to one of those little dance things at a “club” for teens under 18. maybe she could meet more people and it wont mean as much. thats what my mom did with me a couple weeks ago(x

Answer #9

There’s really nothing that helps heartbreaks. Maybe take her shopping and to her favorite resturant. Try getting her mind off of it.

Answer #10

OMG THATS soo saddd… your sucha sweeet dadd… omg .. maybe take her out trust me it helps take her away from the problems.. take her to the beach.. te;ll her that not all guys are the same and their is 1 that cant sleep wihtout thinking about her… the dog that broke her heart isnt the the onlyy guy in the worldd.. good lucckk your suchaa good dad :)

Answer #11

well basically what everyone is saying is that you need to distract her from thinking about him. it’s best to forget about it a little to ease the pain. and it’s true isolation is really never a good thing. I’ve done it through most of my life without heartbreak. but the main thing is letting go. I think the activities of most of these people are great choices. and you are doing a great job as a parent. I’m pretty close to my dad but not enough to tell him that much because he’s a little frightening. but best of wishes. god knows it’s hard to deal with heartbreak.

she should also have nothing that reminds her of him…

Answer #12

First off I just want to commend you, Sounds like you are a great father and while being a handful as a single parent I can tell your committed and good at it. The main thing is to just be there for her. It’s great that she has a father she can talk to. Keep her occupied, go to the movies, let her invite her girlfriends. Family and friends make it better. It doesn’t just go away it takes time but as long as your there for her its all that counts.

Answer #13

relax her. let her know your the only man she needs in her life. you better she going to have plenty more heartbreaks to come

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Answer #15

agh, well im 15 and I have been hurt but to tell the truth therre is not a lot you can do a lot of the people answering the question are saying take her out, thatll just cover her pain you want to remove it, dont take her to a club and dance around, shell end up hurt seeing guys kissing there girls and shell come home torn to pieces, I recomnd let her breath alone talk to her tell her she needs alone time as well as a new crush, let her know that when you go to sleep the last thing you think about is her, it sounds corny but its the way it is, let her be alone for awhile and tell her itll soon be a scar and nothing else and soon she wont even think of him the same, the way shes walking around pretending like it dosent matter?? well disapper anytime soon, very oon, I give4 my word.

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