What can I do? I'm still crying ?

My dog died about two months ago&im STILL crying about her. My parents are letting me get a new puppy in the summer. But what do I do in the meantime? It seems as everytime I think about he I cry. For some reason I seem to cry most of the time in school really don’t know…please help I don’t know what to do. )’:

Answer #1

its good to cry but you should just think about the new puppy and how your gonna make that puppy happy

Answer #2

It’s a dog, let it go.

Answer #3

Grieve…you need to grieve in your own way, in your own time…no one goes about it the same way, nor do they grieve for exactly the same amount of time. Two months isn’t very long, when you’ve lost a beloved pet…

The good news is, that your parents are wise enough to know that waiting a bit to get a new pup gives you time to get passed your loss well enough to accept a new pup, as a whole new being rather than setting it up to be compared to your old dog. This pup won’t replace your dog…but will fill the hole in your heart.



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