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Why is it soo important? I still havn't vaccinated my cat yet?

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My cat is now about 5 months old, and we still havnt vaccinated him yet. (nothing at all). I've heard that it was okay if I was to keep him as an indoor cat and never let him out, which is what I'm doing. But some people suggest that he must get vaccinated. I will get him fixed in the future and get rabbies shots for him as he gets older.


- does he have to be vaccinated in the past as a kitten, in order to be fixed when he matures?

- is it too late to get his first vaccinations now? Since he is 5months, it was suggested that all shots are recieved by the end of 16weeks.. He is wayy to old now... It is still okay?

- how do I cut his nails, without him attacking me? I dont believe in declawing.

- is he safe, if I keep him always as an indoor pet?