What are your basic things to have in a house?

Not casual things like a “couch” but things like paper shredder, paintings to put up on your walls, jewelry box, etc.

Answer #1

Pots and pans , plates and silverware, towels for your bath and kitchen, iron and ironing board, cleaning supplies, a dish drain for dishes, broom and mop, and a 50” plasma TV with surround sound is all you need. OH and tolit paper.

Answer #2

I always have a paper shredder around and I would carry it to a new house in case the government comes and finds documents, also pillows seem to help me relax so I would definitely bring them, and something like a pool table or ping pong table to play when you’re bored because it could definitely get boring in a new house

Answer #3

Yes but I need some ideas for things to get when I move out.

Answer #4

anything that you like ya know.

Answer #5

anything and everything…!

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