fire in your house... what 3 things would you take?

ok, so IF there was a fire at your house, what tree things would you bring? I would bring 1)my 2 cats 2)acouple special trinkets or stuffed animals or something and 3)my library book and maybe some other books as well. (I would also let my goats out so they can run away from the fire. I would have to leave my fish, hey, they’re in water, right? lol)

Answer #1
  1. my pets
  2. my family
  3. photos.
Answer #2

my son. my sons diaper bag. and my hoodie.

Answer #3
  1. wake up my brothers
  2. grab my puppy
  3. my folder with all my important documents inside.
Answer #4
  1. my car key
  2. my wallet
  3. my boyfriend’s picture on my night stand…
Answer #5
  1. My pets
  2. My kids
  3. My insurance forms
Answer #6

1)definately my coach purse because it was so expensive 2)my cat 3)my laptop

Answer #7
  1. My wallet
  2. All clothes I could get
  3. My cellphone Dont have to say “my parents” cause afcourse if they are home, we all run together..
Answer #8

my money,my book bag with the most important things in their like shampoo,panties,and most importantly food. waking up my dad…lol I forgot about him.

Answer #9

lmao good question uuuh 1. my guitar 2. my sunglasses so I could go buy I pack of cigarettes… I’m guessing after a fire I’d be pretty much in need of one haha

Answer #10

Even though your not supposed to take things from your house in a fire I would take my karate stuff, my John Cena poster, and my really really soft pillow.

Answer #11

um ill take

  1. my dog because hes little
  2. my cell 3)clothes because ima need sum if I have to stay sumwhere else
Answer #12

1 A warm waterproof coat 2 Whatever money and credit cards I can find 3 My Dad (he’s a lawyer and could deal with like leagal stuff whilst I pig out on pizza)

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