What are the white bumps on the shaft and head of my penis?

I noticed some white little bumps on the top half of my penis shaft the next day after have intercourse with my wife. This is the second time I get those bumps but this is the first time I start peeling after they go away. I would greatly appreciate it if some can help me find out what these bumps are. & why I seem to be peeling after. at first it was my shaft then it went on to my penis head. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

You might have an STD. I would seriously consider going to see a doctor, you and your wife both. If I were you, I wouldn’t put this matter aside, I would take immediate action.

Answer #2

It sounds like molluscum or it could be small follicular cysts. You should have it checked by a doctor though to be certain of what it actually is.

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