Why do I have small skin coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis?

for the past few years…I’ve had these small skin coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis…and theres lots of them too…can anyone tell me what they are, or howto get rid of them?!??

Answer #1

Sounds to me like they are penile papules. They are harmless, skin colored bumps and not an STD,but still get them checked out by a doctor to confirm it.

Answer #2

They are probably pearly penile papules. But only your doctor or a dermatologist can tell you for sure. (They have seen thousands of cases.) Since you have never had sex, they are not an STD.

Answer #3

Most men have them theres nothing to worry about, no need to see your doctor honsestly!!! its natural x

Answer #4

Hmm it may be best to get them checked out to put your mind at rest. I know you’ll be nervous going to see someone, but they’ll of seen plenty before you and will after you so it’s best to check than be sorry.

Answer #5

A lot if not most men have little bumps just under the head of the penis. Their perfectly normal and harmless but if yours actually run down your shaft then it might be best to get it checked out.

Answer #6

they seem to be more in the middle of my shaft… but im 13 years old and I’ve never had sex, and im scared when I do someone will laugh

Answer #7

Perhaps they are keratosis? To get treatment for them, see a dermatologist.

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