White bumps on penis

so, here is my first ever embarrassing question and frankly its the only thing im still unsure of why it is.

ok so here it goes… I have these strange little white bumps just underneath the head of the pens, I always had them (as far as I can remember) since I’ve never really heard of this before I might as well ask, theyre really tiny and when the pens is erect they also become a bit bigger in size… I have no problems or insecurity I just was wondering if there are any accounts of this

Answer #1

id love to have the info… just to take a look really… thnx steph and laya

Answer #2

Well… lets see pulls out my handy dandy magnifyn glass I read online that for some guys grease glands of the penis cause things like this - nothing to worry about. :) If you want to read more about it I’m sure I can dig up the sourse. Or if you need furthur investigation;)… haha oh my I’m kidding.

Answer #3

actually I saw those on my boyfriend. and I asked him about it. he said the same thing- he’s had them forever.

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