What are the symtoms of ocd?

How would you know if someone has obsessive compulsive disorder?

Answer #1

Compulsions - ritualized or repetitive behaviors Rituals Repeated hand washing Repeated touching Counting Repeated checking Rearranging things Awareness that rituals are abnormal - patients are aware they have a compulsion but cannot control it Obsessions - disturbing thoughts or images Anxious thoughts Frequent thoughts of violence Fear of causing harm Unwelcome sexual thoughts Fantasies Inappropriate thoughts Fear of becoming contaminated Fear of being poisoned Feelings of doubt

Answer #2

I think I may have it then cause I do the floor thing and like if I tap something with my left foot, I have ot do it with my right and wheni have school asignments, I always have to take it home to spend more time on it cause I erase over and over to get it exactly perfect or even. that’s why I hate taking art…

Answer #3

I have one! I cant stand it when my eyes get dry so I have to keep spashing my face with water after a few hours or even minutes, it varys but I find when I am doing something fun or in school I dont need to do it because my minds thinking about something else.

Answer #4

I am cursed with an extremely bad case of ocd >.< don’t label me as a freak please, as it is a condition that cannot be controlled, but if it helps my personal problems include counting EVERYTHING, having to touch EVERYTHING, step on certain parts of the floor over and over again that haven’t been touched yet, reenter a room numerous times until it feels right, having to put things in certain places that aren’t required, being paranoid about EVERYTHING, if I feel something is undone or I forgot to do something I can’t call somebody to check or just trust that it’s ok, even if I am 20 mins down the road I have to turn around and go to the exact spot to check again, repeating/retyping/starting over/crossing out until it looks/feels right, and numerous other inconveniences. it’s absolutely horrible.

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