Coughing without the rest of the cold symtoms why?

I’ve been coughing without any of the cold symtoms. It hurts everytime I cough and my throat hurts as well. What causes coughing without the cold symtoms? Could there be something wrong? I can’t do allot of laughing at all or sing for that matter. I tried singing in church, but, I can’t do that very well either. If you have any tips or ideas, I’d appreciate them. I need to get rid of this cough.

Answer #1

If its only been a few days then it just means your cold is just developing. If its been over a week then you might need to get it checked out. Try dry cough medication.

Answer #2

Most coughs are caused by nasal drainage down the back of the throat. That may be caused by allergies or a cold. Usually a cough that is not accompanied by other cold symptoms is caused by the allergy drip. If it persists or wakes you up during the night, see your physician. And using a cough medication is only treating the symptom, you would probably benefit from an over the counter allergy med.

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