What are the positive and negative impacts of migration?

What are the impacts, both positive and negative of miagration from africa to europe?

I have looked everwhere for such info but I cant find anywhere! I have been looking for two hours!


Answer #1

Last time I checked, certain species of birds “migrate” (seasonally, in fact)…but not so much with humans. We do immigrate though. Maybe you’re asking the wrong question.

Answer #2

Migration brings more workers to other countries that will work or less money. This helps the economy of both countries involved, when an employer hires for less, he makes more and puts more into the economy. And the worker possibly will send money back to his country of orginin boosting Thor economy as well. They also tend to take jobs no one else wants. The cons are that they may take jobs from citizens of the country. I think the pros outway the cons. Besides borders are fiction. they only exist because we beleive they do.

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