Is the SOPA blackout negatively affecting your internet usage?

Are you personally affected by the blackouts, or do you feel that it wouldn’t matter to you if the participating sites stayed censored and/or suspended indefinitely?

Answer #1

I hate SOPA!!!!!!! the gov has no right to censor stuff instead of picking on the net they should see them selves as a laughing stock to the entire world they cannot even fix the economy…

Answer #2

So far the protests have only really affected one site I visit, and they haven’t gone down or anything so I’m okay with it. I’m not going to be happy if the bill passes, though. If it does, I’ll just have to see how severe the results are and change accordingly. Maybe less time on the internet would be better for me.

Answer #3

Yes, the SOPA blackout is negatively affecting my internet usage! Even if it did not affect my usage at all, I would be against this bill. The government should not have that much power to censor the internet, and our lives. I feel like SOPA is definitly over stepping some boundaries…

Answer #4

I rarely visit the sites that are down today. The only way I found out about it was randomly googling a subject being directed to a website protesting it. Although I don’t visit the sites protesting, it doesn’t mean that other sites won’t be affected if this legislation is passed. I do not agree with this extreme form of censorship just because of piracy. People are still going to find a way to get music and movies for free.

Answer #5

results of a one world government comming into effect. Down with the NWO. People will riot. This is not good.

Answer #6

i haven’t tried the other sites, but i have tried deviantart, facebook, playlist, and youtube so it’s not bothering me any, but i am still against this bill.

Answer #7

It’s only affected one site so far that I visit. It’s still there, so it’s whatever. However, if the bill passes, I won’t be happy. I don’t think it should pass. I don’t think any of the sites should be suspended.

Answer #8

It had affected my networking over this weekend and ran into parts of Monday - I think it was a good thing to be done - someone has to address our president for his actions since congress and the senate seem to have put blinders on towards the very people they serve

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