What are some good ideas to help with mi anger problems??

Ok so up until about(I think) 8 months ago I’ve kept my anger issues to myself. But latley when I get angry EVERYBODY knows when I’m off…and it isn’t even that hard to me off. So does anybody have any advice as to helping me deal with my anger??

Answer #1

I’m a GIRL btw!!

Answer #2

hyeah heres a list bro. Trust me on this one lol I have alooot of stress with my music and I mean alooot . . .and these are the things that work

  1. 7 deap breathes like that guy said.
  2. Play a video game. What male doesnt play video games. Once in a while I do
  3. Do something you like to do. Playing an instrument. Jumping on the trampoline
  4. Watch a move
  5. And most importantly. Ask your girlfriend to help you or a friend. Your girlfriend is the best choice cause you wouldnt wanna get mad at her right? lol
Answer #3

I tend to breathe in on 7 long breaths and out on 4. It works for me and when I explode things and people get broken. Good luck!

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