What are some fancier baked potato recipes?

I would like to make baked potatoes for my family and guests for christmas dinner. Does anyone have some “special” baked potato recipes. Cheese must be included. I am searving it with roasted lamb among other things.

Answer #1

Ever done twice-baked? The presentation for twice-baked potatoes can be very impressive. Bake the potatoes as normal, then scoop out the insides, leaving a rigid hull of potato skin. Mash with whatever ingredients you like (I like a strong cheese like bleu or stilton, chicken broth, butter, cream, so forth, a tiny dab of mayo to cut the starch) and return the mixture to the potatoes. Back again till the mashed potato mixture is slightly browned and sprinkle a garnish on top, chives or bacon perhaps, fresh parsley, maybe or a second cheese like asiago or romano.

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