Quick and easy recipe using potatoes.

Can anyone give me a quick and easy recipe using potatoes.

Answer #1

baked potatoes are always good and you can customize them

another thing that is one of my favorits but takes a lil work is what I call grilled tarragon potatoes

take baby red potatoes and dice them up then cut up some onions and garlic (you can add any thing you want that grills well such as mushrooms, zuchinni, etc) get some of those foil grill in bags and put those inside the bag then take a good amount of tarragon and dill (or you can substitute based on what you like) and just a little bit of water and pour that over the veggies in the bag then add a good amount of butter and seal up the bag tight so that no steam can escape put this on the top rack of a medium heat gril and let the roast they can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour

when you open the bag you will have perfectly roasted potatoes and veggies that will have that wonderful grilled flavor

Answer #2

make potato salad! or mashed potatoes. yuuum =)

Answer #3

do something creative. For all you know, it could turn out tasty, just grab anything and do what comes into your head. I sometimes do that, interesting..

Answer #4

If you don’t have a lot of time, boil the baby red skinned ones, then drain. then toss in butter/olive oil, on med/high for about 5 mins, and sprinkle with kosher salt.

Answer #5

This is my favourite dish for with steak or at a bbq. Slice potatos about 4 milimetres thick. put one layer into a glass dish cover the potatos with a layer cream sprinkle the cream with some french onion soup pkt mix. then repeat starting with the potatoe until its all run out. bake in a moderate heat until the potato is soft and enjoy. You can also put some cheese on the top.

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