Baked potato recipe

I want to bake four russet potatoes and I want to know how long to bake them and what temp should the oven be at?

Answer #1

You really can’t go by exact time and temperature when you’re baking anything. A large potato will cook slower than a small potato, and no one’s oven achieves the exact same temperature just based on what the dial says.

So how long should you cook them? Until they’re done, of course. At what temperature? Well, how quickly do you want to eat? An oven set at 200 will cook them just as well as an oven set at 400, it’ll just take longer.

Put them in at 400 or so and poke them after about an hour. If the fork doesn’t go in easily, leave ‘em in longer. If they start to crisp, wrap them in foil. Cook by what the food is telling you, not by a set of numbers.

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