What are some discriptive vivid ideas for talking to my man?

My man like it when I’m really descriptive and vivid. I’m not shy to say any of that I just can’t come up with sexy things, he asks me to tell him what I’m going to do to him? And the things I come up with are. Sexy I think but it would send him over the top if it got really descriptive…

I found this earlier …The whole room spins, your eyes roll back in their sockets, you go weak in your knees…u swallow involuntarily, repeatedly…something starts at the tip of your penis and radiates up, passes through your navel like an electric current and explodes in your chest…ecstacy…utter ecstacy… …and when you’re finally there, for a few precious seconds, it feels as if every little gram of energy just vaporised from your body..you stop breathing for a couple seconds…

And that’s pretty much the way I need to be thinking… This guy needs to write a romance novel lol thank you all for your help :)

Answer #1

Go to Books-A-Million. Go to the section with all the erotic novels. Pick one up and just skim through. Notice the detail about how the atmosphere of the room is. About how the persons feeling. About the look on the man or womans face. Then go home and think about a night with you and your guy all alone. What you would want to do to him. How long you’d do it. Things like that.

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