Some great quotes to talk to a man dirty.

I've been wanting to talk sexually to this boy that I like I just dont know what to say.. any good lines

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**I've been wanting to talk sexually to this boy that I like**>>that statement does NOT say boyfriend, and if you dont feel right doing it, then DONT do it! You dont have to do everything a boy asks you to do. Nobody makes me do anything that I'm not comfortable doing, making you should be less of a pushover.

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What kind of message do you think you will be sending this boy? Are you trying to show him how easy you are, or are you just a tease? Think about your behavior, because to me that shows lack of self respect on your part! If your trying to win his heart, thats NOT the way to do it!

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I don't know

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well I've been with him for 5 years an he talks to me dirty but I just dont feel right talkin to him dirty

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I Need This Same Tips. My Man Always Wants ME To Talk Dirty To Him An I DOnt No How

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