What are some alternatives to inhalers?

Okay, so my inhalers are just about to run out and my asthma is pretty bad. what are some alternatives instead of using inhalers?

p.s im ordering some inhalers today but I dont think I will get them till about friday.

Answer #1

Thank you so much :)

I phoned the doctor and got them today. I’ve made an appointment and I’m going to talk to my doctor about the oral steroid pills.

Answer #2

There are pills, but, you’d need to talk to your doctor…if your asthma IS really bad, the doctor usually prescribes an oral steroid in pill form, in addition to the inhaler…

Answer #3

There’s no alternatives to inhalers. If you’re talking about fast acting rescue inhalers, nothing is going to replace those. You can use the nebulizer but that’s still not going to replace it. It’s kinda bulky to carry around and takes a little longer to take in. Like thedude said, they can prescribe steroids if it is bad but again that doesnt replace the inhaler.

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