Inhaler Overdose?

I Was Like Really Asmery So I Look Loads Of Inhaler And Really Quickly I Went All Shivery And Had Really Bad Chest Pain I Paniked So I Thought I Would Take A Bath It Didnt Help So I Sat Down And Just Relaxed I Could Feel My Heart Beet It Was Really Fast. It Was A Few Hours Ago Now & I Feel Abit Better But Im Still Shivery & Worried If I Will Need To See Anyone because I Think It Will Get Better, But Should I See Someone Just In Case?

Answer #1

foshizz…sounds like very good advice. I use an inhaler when I’m away from home. I take 2 puffs as need but I hardly ever use it because I have a nebulizer and don’t go out anywhere very often. How much did you inhale?

Answer #2

yeah that sometimes happens if you take too much (which is really why you shouldnt…), next time, if you feel really bad, take a puff or two and then wait a couple of mins to see if it gets better… then if it doesnt, take another puff, just like the liquid (yes it comes in liquid form too), too much can lead to bad side effects… if it doesnt get better soon get some help, the side effects are not fun and can be dangerous…

Answer #3

Yeah it’s happened to me before. Exactly the same - it can give you a heart attack so don’t do it again lol.

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