What happens when you smoke weed then inhale helium from a balloon?

Ok so do you hallucinate when you smoking weed then inhale helium from a balloon? What happens to you?

Answer #1

Emmy is right. Marijuana is incorrectly classified as a hallucinogen.

I think you would just pass out from hypo-oxygenation. If you didn’t pass out, the helium would make your voice higher pitched, because it is less dense than air and effects your vocal cords differently.

That would be hilarious if you were stoned, but intelligent people know to not talk helium, it kills brain cells very effectively when it goes through the lungs and into your blood.

Answer #2

marijuana is a stimulant, slows down body processes. helium just makes your voice weird and gets you light headed. so no, no hallucinations. but the marijuana could have been laced with acid, which would make you hallucinate.

Answer #3

lmfao, you get ripped as f*ck.

Answer #4

you get faded and crazy x) but I dont think yu will hallucinate unless its something like shrooms. I dont know fun mail me for more info. ha

Answer #5

you dont hallucinate from weed, and helium has no effect.

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