What are my red spots on my thighs, outer groin and stomach?

A couple of days ago I noticed some red spots, not itchy, around my thighs, groin and stomach. They are sparadic and vary in size.

Im leaving it for a couple of days and see whats new. Then consider going dowwn the doctors.

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I had the same pink spots. They were in the creases of my groin, below the naval, on my stomach, and near my armpits. I went to the doctor and found out is a fungus called tinea versicolor. It is the same thing that causes people to get a big pink spot on the back of their neck, right at the bottom of the hairline. (Which I also got later.) I first got it about 15 years ago when I was 23. My first doctor prescribed anti-fungal pills and a cream, which worked. My second doctor said the pill was a big mistake because it can make you more susceptible to it coming back, which it did. He also told me that it is caused by a common fungus found on everyone's skin that attacks the skin and causes discoloration when you are under a lot of stress, which I was. There may be other causes, but this one definitely made sense for me.

The pink spots did not come back on my stomach, but the creases of my groin are usually a brownish pink color, and when I get a haircut I can see the big spot on the back of my neck where they trim the hairline.

I now treat it with Lamisil AT, which is an athlete's foot cream you can buy anywhere. I use the cream for a few days and it fades, but it always comes back eventually. As far as I know, there is no permanent cure once you get it, but maybe I just haven't found the right doctor yet. Also, now I usually apply my antiperspirant to my groin creases after I shower, and this seems to be helping it from returning as fast.

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I had them, too. They are a fungus, I think my doctor called it tinea versicolor, and it can be treated with Lamisil, (Lamisil AT, for athlete's foot,) if you don't have health coverage, but if you can see a doctor, they will prescribe something. Right after I developed the red spots around the groin and stomach, (and chest near the armpits,) I also developed a large red spot on the nape (back) of my neck. It is the same thing. Hairdressers often see this, as it is very common. (People's hair usually covers it, though.) In my case, over time the spots disappeared, but the creases of my groin are still usually a brownish pink color unless I treat it with Lamisil for a few days. (It always comes back eventually.) Also, when I get a haircut, I often see it right on the back of my neck where they trim the hairline. I don't think there is any way to completely cure it once you get it, though maybe I just haven't found the right doctor yet.

I don't fully understand why it happens, but my doctor suggested that it is a common fungus present on everyone's skin, and stress can cause it to attack the skin and cause discoloration. I was under a great deal of sudden emotional stress when it appeared, so it certainly made sense.

My doctor also said that moisture plays a part, and to try wearing cotton briefs that will wick the moisture away from the skin in the groin creases and try powder, but I haven't found these ideas to work, personally.

I do, however, apply my antiperspirant to my groin creases after I shower, and it seems to be helping to prevent it from returning as fast.

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it could be an allergic reaction to something.

I would google it and try and match it to other pictures of rashes etc.
if it dosent go away in like 2 days, go to the doctors.

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Folliculitis, it's from wearing pants lol. Your hair follicles get irritated or infected from the hair-shaft always being mashed off to the side by the fabric of your jeans. wear looser clothes. or a different fabric.

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Shingles, they'll start itching

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ah groovey. and I was getting worried it was some sort of evil rash thingy. thanks. :)

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