What are good ideas for a girls 17th birthday???

Hi people, I’m having my 17th birthday party in one week from today. There will be girls and guys there (of course lol) and there will be around 15 to 20 people total. My mom and maybe 2 of her friends will be there also just to supervise. I don’t really want to have a theme party, and I don’t have a pool or a spa. Were gunna be doing stuff at my house but so far all I can think of is loud music and dancing and the guys can play xbox or rock band if they want. What are some other ideas???

Answer #1

my mom is pretty leanient but she already said there cant be alcohol unfortunately. im thinking about doing some games but im not sure what games to have. any suggestions?

Answer #2

aww happy b-day :)

I normally just get rat arsed on my birthday

loud music, dancing and booze… cant fault it lol

Answer #3

uhhh depends on the leaniecny of the parents ha partys I go to w/ parents usually have games snack music and depends mostly on you like I went to one recently and we where in a limo and my friends like where do you guys want to go I wa slike uhh dude its your party you choice it’s your party so as long as your having fun they will so just come up with enough to keep yourself busy ha

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