What are some good kid's birthday ideas ?

Little kids seem to love theme parties and I have to plan one for a kid that I am sponsoring. He is going to be having his seventh birthday and he loves most cartoons, but doesn’t have any favorites. What are some good ideas for kid’s party themes?

Answer #1

yeah sponge bob or scooby dooo are the best or even spider man but there has to be one cartoon that he talks about the most

Answer #2

Wal-Mart has lots of themed party favors, so take a look there and maybe get an idea. But make it unique. Like if it’s scooby doo for instance… have “pin the tail on scooby”

I remember a birthday party from when I was little and it was barbie themed. My mom had “pin the lips on barbie”. As you can see, thats a sweet memory that I will always remember. (plus I was every little girls’ envy! lol )

Answer #3

u can also go to ur local dollar store & family dollar/hobby lobby too.

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