my 17th birthday

So I’m turning 17..and I haven’t done a sweet I want my 17th birthday..the best day I have ever day…u know a party that no one will 4get and even me…I really want some advices cz I have no idea what to do…and I am a lebanese girl so make sure you give me the great advice…u know 4 a lebanese girl…cz in here we don’t do stuff that you guys do..but I don’t care I want to be different…just like an american girl :):D…please give me some advices soon bye and tc

Answer #1

What the hell? You are very confusing, frig man, how old are you, really? In one question, you said you were 15, in this you’re 17 and in another, you were a 43 year old with graying, curly hair, get yourself straight.

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