What are good drawings for my art portfolio?

Next year in highschool I’m going to try to get into an advanced art class.

-I have to draw 4 piantings/drawings of my choice. (any ideas on what I should draw to show I can draw perspective, shade, etc.) any suggestion will help(:

-I also have 4 required drawings: -sandwich -still life -stairs -mask

-do you have any advice on specificly how or what persepctive I should draw them from?


Answer #1

hmm if you have a camera you can go out and take pictures and use those as a reference and you can put your own twist and it if you like. to art teachers drawing from life is very very important it shows you can observe and see like an artist lol

Answer #2

draw a tree..black and white..u know like what it looks like on a cloudy day without leaves…kinda sad and alone..simple bt very beautifull..or maybe I have a thing for winter and trees…n e way good luck wit your drawings=)

Answer #3

I think you should definantly draw something that gives off a good shadow. it would show that you can draw in deminsion and can draw shadows in general. its a good skill to show. :)

Answer #4

thanks I really like that idea! :D

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