How,why cant I draw good how to learn to draw?

Okay I want to learn to draw and I can sortof, But what are some tips on drawing better cause im trieng but I guess I put to much thought into it. I already have an art class but that isnt working, and if your an artist fun mail me kay thanks

Answer #1

I have been told I can draw well, but I am in now way a TRUE artist. But I can supply some beginner hints, but really you don’t need to LEARN to draw. You need to PROGRESS at drawing. Find a medium you love. Do you draw real life, or abstract? I like to just sit and think of what I’m going to draw, and next I’ll just draw what comes right out of my mind. The great thing about art is you don’t NEED training (although a lot of people seek it). I think if your having a difficult time, get inspired by something.I can’t give any techniques because EVERYONE is different. You’ll just have to search for yours.

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